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SmartRack solution for laboratory accessories and glassware

Boost Your Bottom Line: The Impact of Efficiency in the Lab

In the competitive landscape of scientific research and experimentation, every decision matters—especially when it comes to your bottom line. That's why optimizing efficiency in the lab isn't just a matter of convenience; it's a strategic investment that can significantly impact…

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The Reproducibility Crisis: Lab Automation as a Solution

The reproducibility crisis is a significant issue in the scientific community that has been gaining attention in recent years. According to a survey by Nature, 70% of researchers have attempted and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments. This has serious…

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Measuring the Efficacy of Liquid Handling Processes

Quality assurance in regards to liquid handling processes is a standard requirement.  There is the simple expectation that liquid handling processes are both thorough and exacting in order to make sure that the data provided is of the necessary quality.  …

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Common Causes of Errors in the Lab

The financial cost of lab errors has been estimated at $180,000 per annum.  Two-thirds of all medical decisions rely on lab testing. Subsequently, errors can cause delays in diagnosis and treatment as well as patients receiving incorrect treatments. Mitigating against…

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Cross-Contamination in Labs: Causes & Avoidance

Cross-contamination is routinely spoken about across labs and can be a massive headache waiting to happen.  To start off, it’s important to define it.  Simply put, cross-contamination is defined as an unintentional transfer of an unwanted impurity from one sample…

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