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The Reproducibility Crisis: Lab Automation as a Solution

The reproducibility crisis is a significant issue in the scientific community that has been gaining attention in recent years. According to a survey by Nature, 70% of researchers have attempted and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments. This has serious…

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How to Define Lab Automation

Many times we hear from those in the lab automation space, that they struggle to convey what it is they do to others outside of life sciences (although it may also be true that some of us struggle even to…

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Accelerate & Simplify Your Workflows Using Automation

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed for multiple insights and learnings.  One of those was in how to deal with testing surges as those experienced were unprecedented and undoubtedly put a strain on laboratories leading to delays in test results. Laboratories used…

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The Benefits of Lab Automation

Labs today are under increasing pressure to improve their diagnostic accuracy whilst processing higher workloads at a faster rate. These pressures are fostered within an environment of: Growing test volumes, cost-cutting needs, and staff shortages. Indeed, in regards to the latter point, The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, notes that it is increasingly challenging to maintain the necessary level of lab technologists...
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