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The Risks of Manual Extraction

Are you still undertaking manual nucleic acid extraction? Here are some issues to think about: ❌ Contamination riskAs with all manual pipetting workflows, manual purification bears the risk of carryover from sample to sample. Multichannel pipetting may reduce this risk,…

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Enhancing Reproducibility in Research with Automation

Reproducibility—the ability to obtain consistent results when repeating an experiment or study—is critical in scientific research, especially when findings have far-reaching implications for human health and the advancement of treatments and therapies. But how can we ensure reproducibility in our…

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Why Choosing the Right Consumables Matters

In the fast-paced world of laboratory research, every detail matters—and that includes the consumables you choose. From pipette tips to culture media, the quality and reliability of your lab consumables can have a significant impact on the accuracy, reproducibility, and…

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SmartRack solution for laboratory accessories and glassware

Boost Your Bottom Line: The Impact of Efficiency in the Lab

In the competitive landscape of scientific research and experimentation, every decision matters—especially when it comes to your bottom line. That's why optimizing efficiency in the lab isn't just a matter of convenience; it's a strategic investment that can significantly impact…

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Lab Safety and Space Optimization: A Harmonious Synergy

Laboratory safety is a non-negotiable aspect of scientific research and experimentation. In the dynamic world of research, where discoveries unfold and innovation thrives, ensuring a safe environment for scientists and researchers is paramount. Yet, this pursuit of safety need not…

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The Reproducibility Crisis: Lab Automation as a Solution

The reproducibility crisis is a significant issue in the scientific community that has been gaining attention in recent years. According to a survey by Nature, 70% of researchers have attempted and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments. This has serious…

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