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Enhancing Reproducibility in Research with Automation

Reproducibility—the ability to obtain consistent results when repeating an experiment or study—is critical in scientific research, especially when findings have far-reaching implications for human health and the advancement of treatments and therapies. But how can we ensure reproducibility in our…

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Rapid Concentration for Spoilage Organisms in Beer

Microbiological testing for beer spoilage is necessary through- out the brewing process to ensure product quality. Rapid microbiological analytical methods such as qPCR offer great potential for increasing the reliability of spoilage detection in beverages while reducing labor costs and…

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Lessons Learned: The Impact of COVID-19 on Laboratories

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our society, including laboratories.   Labs certainly played a critical role in responding to the pandemic, from conducting diagnostic tests to researching potential treatments and vaccines. Through this experience, labs have…

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Why Nucleic Acid Extraction Matters

Nucleic acid extraction is a crucial step in molecular biology research, as it is essential for the isolation and purification of DNA and RNA from biological samples. DNA and RNA are the fundamental molecules that carry genetic information, and their…

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Measuring the Efficacy of Liquid Handling Processes

Quality assurance in regards to liquid handling processes is a standard requirement.  There is the simple expectation that liquid handling processes are both thorough and exacting in order to make sure that the data provided is of the necessary quality.  …

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