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TANBead Reagent Kits

TANBead Reagent Kits
TANBead Reagent Kits

TANBead Reagent Kits

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MESLO Americas offers a full range of TANBead reagent kits. These are provided in 2 formats, Auto Plate and Auto Tube, with multiple sample choice types.

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Convenient & Simple: Pre-Filled Reagent Kits

The reagent kits are pre-filled and ready to use. The reagents are pre-dispensed in sealed plates/tubes, which reduces pipetting steps and simplifies the workflow further.

The pre-filled plate/tube cover simply peels off, and the specimen is added to the lysis plate and loaded onto the instrument for simplicity and convenience.

For a full list of available reagent kits suitable for the Maelstrom 9610 and 4810, please click here.

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