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SKU #: mgistp-7000
Laboratories require high productivity.

We know you’ll love your daily tasks using the MGISTP-7000, a high-throughput automated sample transfer processing system from MGI, the leader in simplified high-throughput biology solutions.

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Made for high productivity labs, the MGISTP-7000 integrates tube decapping, recapping, bar code identification, automated liquid transfer, and negative pressure protection, all under a BSL2 enclosed environment.

With zero human contact necessary, the system operates at 10,000 samples per daily throughput—transferring 192 samples from airtight sample or plain tubes to 96-well microplates in 40 minutes with a single click. All steps are integrated into a closed and negative-pressure system to enable flexibility, efficiency, safety, and process quality.

How it works:

  1. Load original sample with cap.
    Airtight sample tubes are loaded into a standard rack, reducing exposure to samples.
  2. Automatically scan the code and open the cap.
    The Epson robot arm, four recap and decap modules, four bar code scanners, and two channel-independent pipette heads transfer the samples from collection tubes to the 96-well microplates. Bar code information can be automatically stored and transferred to a ZLIMS system, providing information traceability.
  3. Sub-pack into 96-well microplate.
    Leveraging two pipetting channels—freely configurable for volume range and use with disposable tips—samples can be transferred into ANSI/SBS 96-well microplates rapidly without manual pipetting errors. The ANSI/SBS format sample supports a wide variety of automation laboratory equipment.
  4. Close caps and recycle tubes automatically.
    After liquid transfer, sample tubes are recapped and put back to their original location to minimize sample exposure and prevent cross-contamination. The system provides HEPA filtration and UV light to ensure a safer operating environment.

Imagine everything that can be achieved with this enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Why you’ll love the easy-to-use MGISTP-7000 system and software platform:

  • User-friendly, effortless setup and quick operation.
  • Finishes tedious sample pre-analytical steps with a single click.
  • Flexible automation upgrade solution connects with a ZLIMS system, helping medical technologists integrate various third-party instruments, such as RT-PCR systems and nucleic acid extraction systems.
  • Reduces disposable costs by same-cap decapping and recapping with the multi-finger set, allowing for multiple types of tubes and caps.
  • Eliminates the need to align bar codes facing in any direction, and swabs in tubes do not need to be removed.
  • Supply/exhaust air filter provides ISO5, 99.995% at 0.3µm, to create a particle-free environment ideal for most microbiological applications. Filters and exhausts potentially contaminated air to the building’s exterior, providing a safer lab environment for liquid transfer and medical technologists.
  • Samples in the plate can be directly used for subsequent automatic nucleic acid extraction using MGISP-960 automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment made by MGI, which further speeds the downstream detection and improves accuracy, efficiency, and throughput for large-scale detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus using RT-PCR tests.

Performance Parameters

Throughput192 samples/40 minutes; one sample in 15 seconds
Pipetting MethodBased on the principle of air displacement, liquid level detection
Volume Range10 μL-1000 Μl
Accuracy10uL: <5%; 100uL: <2%; 1000uL<1%
CV10uL: <±10%; 100uL: <±5%; 1000uL: <±2%
Robot Arm AccuracyX-Y-Z: ±0.1mm
Barcode ScannerFour 1D Scanner Sensors
UV Light36W
Supply/Exhaust Air FilterISO5, HEPA 99.995% at 0.3m, Negative Pressure System
Tube CompatibilityUniversal fit. Excellent fit on 5mL and 10mL transport tube with screw cap
FunctionsIntegrated multiple functions include decapping, recapping, barcode identification, automated liquid transfer, HEPA-filtration, and negative pressure protection

Power, Dimensions & Net Weight

Power Type100~240V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power1000A
DimensionsLength:1470mm; width 960mm; height: 2100mm
Net Weight550 kg

Operating Environment Requirements

Relative Humidity20%RH~80%RH, non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure80kPa~106kPa
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