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Anterior Nares Swab Collection Kits

Anterior Nares Swab Collection Kits
Anterior Nares Swab Collection Kits

Anterior Nares Swab Collection Kits

SKU #: 753510
Your search for the most user-friendly COVID-19 sample collection kits ends here!

MESLO Americas proudly carries ready-to-use and disposable Sorfa sample collection kits that ensure safe and convenient collection and transportation of anterior nares specimens.

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Tired of test tubes leaking or breaking in transit? Not to worry. Our Anterior Nares Swab Collection Kit packaging is always robust and protective. The leakproof tubes feature a conical bottom, allowing for ideal sample centrifugation, so no lab time or specimen shelf life is lost due to a clunky setup. Your lab deserves only the best, most efficient products and processes, which we deliver.

Each viral respiratory kit includes a sterile peel pouch with the following items:

  • Anterior nares swab for collecting the sample
  • Transport tube with VTM-N clear medium for swab placement after collection
  • Biohazard bag for transporting the collection tube
  • Identification bar codes

Why you’ll love us:

  • Our inventory contains top-quality test swab manufacturing.
  • Kits contain ergonomically-structured specimen collection swabs with flocked nylon tips, facilitating a safe and efficient sample collection every time.
  • MESLO Americas’ friendly and best-in-class customer service: same-day response times, human attention, and flexible, quick shipping options worldwide.

Features & Components:

  • Flocked nylon anterior nares swab with a 76mm breakpoint (also available with a 30mm breakpoint)
  • 10ml tube
  • 3ml VTM-N


  • 50 kits per box
  • 10 boxes per case
  • 500 kits per case

Case Dimensions & Weight:

  • 20in×16in×15in
  • 20 lbs

The anterior nares swab collection kits ship from Los Angeles, California. Please contact us for a no-commitment freight quote.

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